Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Crap

Am I allowed to say that? I mean, I know some people are offended by the word, but although Thomas Crapper didn't actually invent the flushing toilet, he was a plumber and he did make toilets and invented the floating ballcock. So that's probably how toilets came to be known as "the crapper", although it's believed the word "crap" was in use before he was even born, and that the fact that he made toilets for a living was an example of "nominative determinism" whereby a person is more likely to do a job connected to their name. I think it's a load of old ballcock myself - I mean, what kid being laughed at in the playground for having a name that basically means "poo" is going to think to himself "I'll show 'em. I'm gonna do a job connected with poo when I grow up". Nah, I don't buy it.

So, if you're offended I apologise.

But anyway, before I completely forget the point of my post - I've just discovered that my "mrmanswife" email address hasn't been working since February. So if you have tried to email me and haven't received a reply I apologise, although to be fair, I'm rubbish at keeping up to date with emails anyway.

This will explain why Seaneen was contacted by Radio 4 to have her blog turned into a radio drama and not me! They couldn't get hold of me! (yeah right) A big big congratulations to Seaneen! And make sure you're all listening to Radio 4 on Friday 8th May at 2.15pm.

I'll try to get Mr Man to sort my email address out for me as soon as possible.


Zarathustra said...

My e-mail address is working fine, I and haven't had an e-mail from Radio 4 yet either. Maybe they've got sloppy typing over at Radio 4. ;)

Anonymous said...

They already asked us at the Mental Health Nurse Lecturers Tea party - we told them we were far too grand for that sort of thing & wouldn't be interested - and anyway, even if we were interested (which we most certainly are not!) we'd be far too busy to fit them in so they needn't bother asking!

Marsha said...

I found it so hysterical a few weeks back, when my 12 year old son, Thomas, told me about Mr. Thomas Crapper.

I had no idea. Now every time I hear the word "Crap" I have to chuckle. My kids think I'm weird.