Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Can't Think of an Apt Title Either...

I really don't know if I should link to this post or just try to forget that I ever read it or that it was even written. I can't bring myself to reproduce it in full on this blog.

*Mr Mans Wife stares at the screen for a while wondering what to write*

Umm... so here's the link.

Edit: Seaneen over at Pole to Polar has covered this topic too, and she has come up with a great title!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's been five years this month since the last time Mr Man was in hospital. Over those years Mr Man has gradually improved and there are things he can cope with now that he couldn't cope with back then - simple things, like answering the door when someone knocks. He still has his off days, but he seems to have improved even more since he stopped taking his Clozaril and had his Abilify increased back in July, simply because he is more able to occupy his mind now that he doesn't feel so drugged.

He's not been feeling very good for the past couple of days though. He tries to carry on as normal if he has plans to go somewhere, but the rest of the time he tends to sleep more to try to escape the voices.

Tonight I heard him moving around in the bathroom more than usual. Despite the fact that it has been five years since he last cut himself, I found myself rushing up the stairs to make sure he was alright. I still worry that this will happen, even after all this time. Will I ever be able to let go of the trauma of the past?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blog Awards Day - Way Overdue

I'm so sorry to all those who have given me awards in recent (or not so recent) months that I haven't responded promptly. I want you to know that my lack of response in no way indicates a lack of appreciation for these. I appreciate the awards very much, the most recent of which was the Kreativ Blogger Award, given to me by Barbara from In Sickness and In Health, a blog about couples dealing with illness. Thank you Barbara! Isn't it beautiful?

So apparently now I have to list six things that I am happy about before passing this on to six other bloggers. Blimey, six things to be happy about? That's a lot! Let me see...

1. I am definitely happy that Mr Man is still alive, recovering, and keeping himself busy and happy with various hobbies. (Does that count as three? :D )
2. I am also happy that I have found some hobbies that I enjoy and that help to bring me peace.
3. I am happy that my Mum is trying to give up smoking.
4. I am happy that my brother is recovering from alcoholism.
5. I am happy that my sister has conquered her drug addiction and has returned to being the caring and generous spirit that she always was.
6. Seeing my nieces and nephews always makes me happy, but I am happy to see that some of them want to share hobbies with Mr Man and I.

There, that wasn't so hard was it? I think the hard bit will be nominating six others, since I haven't been blog reading for quite a while and although I think all my usual suspects are deserving (Gadget, Seaneen and Mental Nurse for example), it's not very kreativ for me to keep awarding the same people is it?

Despite this, I would like to award Inspector Gadget, Seaneen and Mental Nurse. Gadget and Seaneen for their creative writing abilities, and Mental Nurse for their creative ideas for posts, such as caption competitions, weekly round ups of mental health blogs, and their quirky polls. I'm sure there are many many others who are equally as deserving but I just don't come out of my bubble that often to read them these days.

A long, long time ago I was awarded the Inspirational Blogger Award by Anonymous Mom over at Tenuous at Best. Yeah ok, I know it was over a year ago, but it's mine and I'm taking it!

It's inspiring to me to know that I inspire or move others, so I would actually like to award this to Anonymous Mom and all the readers, bloggers or otherwise, who leave comments or send me emails regarding my blog. I'd like to say a big thank you to all of these ones for inspiring me to keep going.

Additionally, I would like to award Tom Reynolds from Random Acts of Reality as his was the first blog I ever read and he inspired me to write my own. So without his blog, this blog probably wouldn't exist! Also, I would like to award Philippa King, whose art has moved and inspired me beyond belief. Thank you Philippa, and Tom.

So, I think that's it for now, although I do have a few memes to respond to...