Saturday, March 07, 2009

Self Prescribing is a Bad Idea

Given the list of horrendous side effects listed in the previous post, it's easy to see why self prescribing is a bad idea. Although these side effects are extremely unpleasant, other side effects can be fatal, and mixing medications can also be dangerous. It's obviously a good idea then to have a qualified professional monitor your progress on any medication regime.

That being the case, I am getting extremely tired of spam posted in the comments section to advertise drugs online. I will not endorse self medication of drugs that clearly need qualified supervision. In this country at least, it is illegal to provide medication without a prescription from a qualified practitioner.

One company in particular keeps repeatedly spamming my blog. You would have thought they would get the hint by now, seeing as I always delete their comments.

I don't like spam. (I don't like luncheon meat either) It's just so... cheap and nasty.