Saturday, March 07, 2009

Self Prescribing is a Bad Idea

Given the list of horrendous side effects listed in the previous post, it's easy to see why self prescribing is a bad idea. Although these side effects are extremely unpleasant, other side effects can be fatal, and mixing medications can also be dangerous. It's obviously a good idea then to have a qualified professional monitor your progress on any medication regime.

That being the case, I am getting extremely tired of spam posted in the comments section to advertise drugs online. I will not endorse self medication of drugs that clearly need qualified supervision. In this country at least, it is illegal to provide medication without a prescription from a qualified practitioner.

One company in particular keeps repeatedly spamming my blog. You would have thought they would get the hint by now, seeing as I always delete their comments.

I don't like spam. (I don't like luncheon meat either) It's just so... cheap and nasty.


Anonymous said...

Usually there are bots not real persons who leave spam comments in blogs. So the actual company may never know how tired are you from these comments. The option is to switch off anonymous comments in your blog or choose comment pre-moderation option.
When I receive spam in my blog I simply delete it but fortunately I don't have loads of spam for it can be really annoying whatever they advertise.
Take care!

ChickPea said...

Dear Mrs Man - I am visiting your blog after a long absence - thank you so much for sharing such difficult stuff in such an accessible way - TH works in a situation where he and colleagues encounter people with this and similar illness - he's asked me to give him the link to you - so thank you again. So few people understand.
re a previous post regarding depression through the winter months - have you ever considered 'Seasonal Affective Depression' (SAD) perhaps being a factor/component ? I have found use of a 'SAD' light incredibly helpful, and it was also beneficial for the sleeplessness associated with severe dementia - and without side effects.
all very best wishes, x

Valash said...

I agree with you self prescribing is not good because you could be wrong and take drugs that won't solve the problem, but make the problem worse.

I have paranoid schizophrenia, however, at one point I thought I had bipolar disorder because the symptoms can be very similar. I saw an ad in a magazine for medicine for bipolar disorder, and showed it my doctor, fortunately they had a medication for schizophrenia too. I am glad I shared that information with my doctor first, instead of trying to self-medicate.


Seratonin said...

Hi I keep trying to clock on the 'contact' link on here but keep getting an error message. My Hubby is going through a bbad period od paranoia and depression atm.Looks as though his Sulpiride is no longer working after about 15odd years (now @1600mg). Was wondering what your Hubby has been on in the past and what he is on atm ?
Sis xxx

Robert said...

I get more spam than REAL emails! Fortunately, they are "dealt with" by the antivirus programs.

Mr Mans Wife said...

Thank you Aluajala, I didn't know that. I suppose I presumed it was a person because they always seem to spam older posts in the hope that I won't notice, but of course I receive email notification of all comments.

I didn't really want to turn off anonymous comments because I'd like everyone to feel free to comment. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Hi ChickPea! Welcome back! I'm so glad that my ramblings are proving useful to people. Thank you for letting me know that.

Yes, I have been meaning to get myself some kind of daylight bulb/lamp (it's much less expensive to buy a bulb and use an ordinary lamp, although probably not quite as affective). I had never noticed it before last winter. I suppose these things can start any time. Thanks for the advice ChickPea.

Hi Valash/Ashley. Thanks for sharing your experience. That was very wise of you to ask for your doctors opinion first. It's true, I think misdiagnosing ourselves can be a problem too.

Hi Seratonin. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the link. I shall get Mr Man to look at that for me. I shall have to get back to you about what Mr Man has taken in the past as there is quite a list! At the moment he is taking Abilfy 30mg and Citalopram 40mg. I will have to write more about it in a blog post for you. I'm so sorry that your hubby is having trouble at the moment. How odd that the medication has stopped working after so many years. I hope things settle down for him soon. Best wishes to both of you.

Hi Robert. Me too! But spam on my blog is so inconvenient because I actually have to sign in to delete the comments each time.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a user of Blogger, but does it not have a spam filter built into it to protect you from these unwanted comments?

Mr Mans Wife said...

Not as far as I am aware Gliding on Ice. The problem is that these bots/people sign up for a blogger account so they look like regular users. I suppose I could report them, but they would probably just set up a different account and the whole thing would become as tedious as deleting their spam. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Carol said...

I've been noticing more spam, usually selling Xanax and it makes me mad, too!!! I always just go out and delete them right away...

Sometimes they say just a little bit of stuff that hints at sounding legit, then I see that Xanax link and off it goes, into the trash can!

Mr Mans Wife said...

It's exactly the same for me Carol! What I noticed is that every comment says exactly the same thing, so that's a bit of a give away too!

Today it was a lengthy advert for drug counselling. They had posted on an old post thinking I wouldn't notice, but I get email notification of all comments. It's just such an inconvenience!

Rebecca said...

Hi Mr Mans Wife,

I wanted to tell you what a relief it was to discover your blog. You are such a strong, brave and compassionate woman who really knows how to write!

My husband was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about a month ago (we were married this past September) and it has been challenging to find stories of hope as a wife. Most of the literature that is out there is relevant to parents and I am only beginning to find what I've been looking for. It is truly a blessing to read your story. If you have any recommendations for reading (perhaps you do already in your blog and I haven't gotten to it yet) I would love to hear them.

I love my husband more than I can express and it has been so painful to watch him experience the hellish nature of his illness. I am grateful beyond words that the medication he is taking has minimized the symptoms and that he is "back" again.

Thank you for writing. I will be a regular visitor, no doubt.

My best, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found this blog and I'm fascinated. I'm a college junior majoring in English and Psychology and I'm writing an article for my school newspaper on schizophrenia. I was looking around for info and thus found this blog. Keep writing, I'm learning a lot and I am definitely favoriting it!

sterndal said...

i must be lucky

nobody's spamming my blog

my problem is different.

a lot of visitors are complaining because everytime they leave a comment a note would appear.

something like this "hashcash deleted your comment"

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive said...

Hey lady,

Are you ok out there? Emailed but no response. Let me know how you're doing.