Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fame Beckons

Well, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I have been asked to speak on the radio about carers issues during Carers Week, which is next week. I declined, as speaking publicly isn’t really my forte, and getting up early in the morning even less so! Personally I find it easier to write what I want to say as it gives me more time to think over my words. Regular readers will know that I often edit posts several times even after they have been posted, but once a word has been spoken it can’t be changed. I can’t say I’m not flattered though.

This all came about due to a Carers Reference Meeting that I attended last week, the purpose of which is for services for Mental Health service users and their carers to be discussed and developed. The experience was enlightening, and I will definitely go again. I’m glad to see that services are slowly improving and are better now than what they were when Mr Man first became ill, and it’s nice to know that my experience can be put to good use and that I can have a say in services which are being developed for the future.

I have written an article about carers which the powers at be have decided is good enough to use, although I’m not sure yet how it will be used exactly. I won’t post the article here as I feel that this blog is starting to steer too much towards carers issues and my complaints about lack of services rather than our experiences in dealing with Mr Mans illness and how he has been treated by Mental Health professionals.

I have however, decided to create a new blog where I can write about these kind of issues. The blog is entitled “Do I Look Like I Care?” as I would like to draw attention to the fact that carers come from all walks of life and can be any age, male or female, and cannot always be picked out from a crowd. From now on, this new blog is where I will discuss any complaints about services, and I will also try to post an update each time I attend the Carers Reference Meeting.


Slurry said...

well done MMW! are you going to let us know which radio station?

Mr Mans Wife said...

I don't know which station it is Slurry, as I decided not to do it. I think it would have just been a local station though.

totallyun-pc said...

someones gotta give the message... go on... do it!

Mr Mans Wife said...

Hehehe, thank you TUPC but I think it might be too late for me to change my mind now; Carers Week starts on Monday.

But... the article I've written will be used on two Carers organisation websites; included in the annual review of a news letter; and used in training materials for health and social services professionals!

Does this mean I am a professional writer now?


uphilldowndale said...

You can do it, yes you can.Local radio stations often record features in advance,in my experience they are warm and friendly places that would let you 'say your bit again' if you weren't happy, but it really is more like a chat with a nice person than taking part in 'Prime Ministers Question Time.'
You are talking about something you feel passionate about, you can't go wrong. Trust me. Feel the fear an do it anyway!!

Mr Mans Wife said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Uphilldowndale.

I really wouldn't know what to expect. The person who spoke to me about it said that when she did it she had to go into the studio early in the morning and be interviewed live! *Gulp!*

uphilldowndale said...

I have done a couple for our local radio station, that were recorded in advance, over the phone or in the studio, (which is in a very modest 'prefab' up a side street at the far end of town.) It is their job to put you at ease, and they will chat to you before hand to check sound levels and stuff and make you feel comfortable. I did a TV one as well, the bit that was scary about that, was footage of me being beamed into our living room, I couldn't bare to see myself, I had to hide behind the sofa(OMG I sound such a media tart!) Just think of it as a performance of your favorite song!
Tell them you would love to do it, but only if they can record it n advance. (How would they be expecting a carer to get into the studio any way :)

uphilldowndale said...

Are you going to link us to the websites? please.

Mr Mans Wife said...

Thanks Uphilldowndale, but I really think it might be too late now. I've been full of cold this past week as well, and I'm still sniffly - that would sound great over the radio wouldn't it?!

So what were you on the radio and TV for?

I've had a quick look at your new blog by the way, and it looks great! I must confess I haven't got round to reading any of the posts in full yet - I'm so behind on my blog reading it's unreal.

I haven't decided about the links. The thing is that it would make it obvious which County I live in. I haven't ruled out the possibility though... I just have to decide if I mind Mr Mans CPN knowing that I think he looks like one of the village people! :D