Sunday, September 23, 2012

While You Were Sleeping...

Ok, so, I've been away for a while.  Yes, you've probably noticed that I don't post anywhere near as often as I used to, but I check in on other blogs even less often than that.  So tonight I am awake (for a change), and bored, and curious, so I clicked on a few links in my side bar.  And what do I find?  That blog land is not how I left it!  It's like returning to an abandoned memory and finding there is nothing even remotely familiar about it at all!

First I find that Random Acts of Reality doesn't even exist any more, NeeNaw is off-line, and Mike hasn't posted for 2 years after finding out that a fellow blogger was facing execution in Iran!  And what the hell happened to Mental Nurse?

Some good things have happened though:  lovely Seaneen is getting married! (Congratulations!) And Shiv has bought himself a couch and become a Psychology student!

Wow.  I suppose I really need to clean up my blogroll... another day maybe... I just need to take a little nap...

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