Sunday, July 08, 2012

One Law For One...

Unfortunately I still have days where I want to round up all those who were involved in Mr Man's "care", particularly during 2002, and tie them up and gag them, slap them around the head a bit, and tell them how stupid they are, and just generally rant and rave until I've exhausted my rage.  I thought I had recovered, but there are still triggers.

Unfortunately it's illegal to do things like that, even to really stupid people who deserve it.  Even to people who have caused suffering to others, like they did.  It would be fine if I was a doctor though.  Then I could legally hold them against their will and cause them all sorts of suffering.

You see, if I was a doctor, I could intentionally cause a person to suffer by giving them medication with painful side effects, and refuse to change them, and even smirk when the wife begs me to relieve her husband's suffering.  And that is legal.

I could even enforce the giving of those tablets against the patient's will, even if they don't actually help their medical condition at all.  I could probably get away with that for about two months by saying I had to give them a fair chance to see if they would help.

Or I could deliberately prolong their mental suffering by hindering their diagnosis, by inventing weird and wonderful theories as to why they are ill, or pretending to be ill.  No one would ever know that I was just playing a game, and I could get away with that one for at least six months. 

If I was a nurse I could mentally and emotionally abuse the patients.  No one would believe them because "they're mental" - paranoid, and delusional.  And family members are just "over protective".

Or if they needed medical attention for something physical, and I was supposed to arrange tests, I could let them suffer longer and just say it slipped my mind because we're so busy.  I could probably get away with that for weeks.

If I knew that a patient was already a high suicide risk, I could bully that person to increase their anxiety, so that they try to take their own life, and I would be completely irreproachable.

Also, I could "inadvertently" cause someone's death through neglect, you know, like if I was supposed to check on them every 15 minutes but didn't bother.  I might have to go to court, but I wouldn't have to go to prison.  I could just say we were understaffed or something.

But seeing as I'm not a doctor or a nurse, it would be illegal for me to cause pain and suffering to those who did all these things to Mr Man and others.  So they get away with it, and probably continue doing it.  And ten years later I'm still left struggling to come to terms with the injustice of it all.


Anonymous said...


I just stumbled upon your blog to see what kinds of schizophrenia bloggers are out there. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and OCD within the past couple of years. I have had 4 inpatient stays, some at different places.

You cannot (or can you?) imagine the abuses I've been through. And, ironically, I wanted to participate in my own recovery. The mental health field has, in fact, thwarted my progress because of such abuses, making my recovery take longer. And, yes, as soon as I complain of a physical problem, like when I went to a local (non mental health) doctor, I was forcibly referred to inpatient for an evaluation without even being physically examined. The psych facilities released me and shipped me to the ER.

Thank you so much for speaking out for people like me.

rrncliae said...

This blog brought back memories for me as well - with one caretaker in particular. A doctor that did not hear and did not care - and with that, did NOT help. How frustrating. And we still run into these problems from time to time. My husband feels like the therapist or psychiatrist isn't hearing what he has to say, and he gives up on them and we have to start the cycle over. I'm glad I'm not alone...

Tour Guide said...

I guess I never realized just how lucky I've been with my wife's treatment - probably because she was only twice, briefly hospitalized. I can't imagine on top of all the fear and pain having to then deal with staff that seem like they want to make things worse...