Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Mera Peak Funding Appeal

Promoting Positive Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a very destructive condition. Often, recovery is thought as 'near' impossible. A very high percentage of those diagnosed with schizophrenia are unable to work or live life without torment due to the demoralising and destructive symptoms. The mistreatment and management of the symptoms and the stigma and discrimination towards those who are diagnosed can be just as destructive as the disease itself.

Stuart Baker-Brown, a campaigner and activist for greater understanding and treatment towards schizophrenia was diagnosed with the disease in 1996. For many years he has been promoting his own positive recovery to inspire and offer hope to all those who share his diagnosis.

Mera Peak Challenge

In October 2008, Stuart will visit Nepal and attempt to get to the summit of Mera Peak 6500m. Mera Peak is very achievable for 'strong trekkers' and the capabilities of summiting without experienced mountaineering skills are high. Stuart has visited Nepal before and has successfully completed a trek to Everest Base Camp. He has already tried to summit Mera Peak in march 2006 but weather conditions were severe and so the challenge had to be abandoned. His achievements and story of recovery has been covered in the media.

We need your support

In order for Stuart to get to Mera Peak he needs to raise £3000. Stuart hopes that his potential summit will help to inspire the 51 million people around the world who are diagnosed with schizophrenia on their own personal journey of recovery. Stuart's own achievements and recovery has already helped many. Please donate generously and support Stuart's attempt to reach even 'greater heights' and send a very positive message of 'hope' to all those diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Please donate generously. You can make a donation via the One Mans Mountain website or contact Stuart Baker-Brown directly at-15 Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7JX.

With your valued support and kind donation, Stuart can continue to inspire those who need a 'ray of light' in the demoralising and misunderstood world of schizophrenia.

Please help us make this attempt possible and help many on their own journey of recovery! To promote positive schizophrenia.

With our greatest thanks to you all.

Stuart Baker-Brown and the One Mans Mountain Team.



Slurry said...

certainly a good cause and shall be supporting him!

Thankfully now I have net access back after 5 weeks! and what a long 5 weeks it has been, a case of dont miss it till its gone lol.

Mr Mans Wife said...

Well we certainly missed you Slurry! Glad to see you're back! :o)

Yes, it would be nice if a big company director was reading this and could sponsor Stuart, but as the tv advert says... every little helps.

Slurry said...

I think to little is done to promote schizophrenia in a positive light, and to much is done on the whole axe murderer, and lock them up front, and until public and media perceptions change its going to continue to be a hidden illness, sadly and wont recive the amount of funding as illness's like cancer currently recive from both govenment and public donations, bummer really!

Mr Mans Wife said...

I completely agree Slurry, and I have written a couple of articles on the "axe murderer" view. I will be posting them in the near future.